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13357 Berlin


Storytelling for People and the Interwebs


Hi, I'm Sebastian, a PR professional working in Berlin. I'm taking care of storytelling at the HitFox Group and FinLeap – two international startup factories that build their own companies.

I had the privilege that my stories were picked up by many international papers like The New York Times, The Wallstreet Journal, The Guardian, Techcrunch, TheNextWeb, Spiegel Online, Die Zeit and many others. 

If you are into tech, here is a list with 300+ tech journalists that you should follow on Twitter.

I spend a lot of time crafting new concepts and ideas around my two favorite subjects: clever stories and people.

Recently I've been playing around with a few ideas on Twitter:

When I'm not working with my team or create new products, you can find me on Twitter and Producthunt.

If you want to talk about building silly side projects, storytelling, or startups, please text me on Twitter @rumberg.