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13357 Berlin


I tell stories and I like to draw


Hi, I'm Sebastian. I'm working as a PR advisor at BallouPR, a specialized PR company who is working with high-growth tech companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Transferwise and many others.

In the past I was the comms guy for international tech companies like HitFox GroupFinLeap, Blinkist and 6Wunderkinder.

I had the privilege that my stories and campaigns were picked up by some of the most important papers like The New York Times, The Wallstreet Journal, Forbes, The Guardian, Techcrunch, Spiegel Online, Die Zeit, BILD and many others.

One of my recent campaigns for LokLok, a small tech startup in Portugal, reached over 500 million people within a month after launch resulting in over 300.000 downloads in three months.

I'm always interested in getting to know interesting people and side projects. Cleverness and doing good are very important to me.

Please say hi to me on Twitter: @rumberg.