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13357 Berlin


I helped startups to reach over 80 million people through storytelling.

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Hi. My name is Sebastian. I’m a PR professional by trade, but I'm a storyteller at heart. I started as a journalist who ended up helping tech startups and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through uncoventional PR and storytelling.

My work and clients appeared in over 200 publications including Forbes, The Wallstreet Journal, The Guardian, Die Zeit, Techcrunch, GigaOm, The Next Web, lifehacker, Venture Beat, Manager Magazin and many others.

In short: I love people and I love to tell stories about people.

We think the work you’re doing is wonderful. A few of us at Twitter are your fans - thanks!
— Tung Vo, Director of Engineering at Twitter

Side Project: I want to open source all my work and the resources that I created in the past. If you have any suggestion how I can do that or what would be interesting to you, please let me know.